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Diversity Tours is a department created by Diversity scuba with the aim of providing all its clients with other experiences in Mozambique in addition to diving.

With 18 years of experience in Mozambique, Diversity scuba, extends its service offerings and creates touristic extensions with the creation of packages that combines the best of recreational diving with the best wild African landscapes.

In collaboration with the best partners we guarantee experiences and unique moments that will mark your life forever.

We offer the best of recreational diving in some of the most prestigious areas of Mozambique such as Ponta do Ouro, Vilankulos and iconico Tofo where we are based. For the wildlife enthusiast, we provide not only the ocean big 5, but also the Land big, with extensions to Kruger National Park (South Africa) and South Africa. to the Gorongosa National Park (Mozambique).

Let yourself be dazzled by the best African landscapes. Diversitytours organizes the experience for you. Share your dream with us and we will do everything to achieve it.

Do not hesitate ... contact us now and request your quotation!

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