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Max Depth: 30mt
Max Journey Time from Tofo: 40-45 minutes


Site Description


Amazon Reef is our farthest site and one of the most spectacular, making a visit to this reef well worth the longer journey time to get there. Amazon is a stunning horseshoe-shaped reef with a maximum depth of 28m on the sandy/rocky bottom inside the horseshoe, and the reef top depth varying between 22m and 24m. The site is an excellent one for spotting White Tip Reef Sharks and Zebra Sharks, of which there are several residents. Also in residence is a large Loggerhead Turtle and also sometimes a Green Turtle or two. Schooling Barracuda circle above and huge, table sized Fantail Rays guard the borders of the reef. Other rays sometimes include Devil Rays and the occasional Giant Manta. There is a stunning array of beautiful reef fish in staggering numbers, plus hunting Bluefin Trevally and Yellowfin Tuna on occasion, and many colorful Nudibranches and Cowrie Shells.


Minimum number of divers for this trip: 4

Minimum experience level: Advanced or 20 dives with proof of deep experience

Maximum Air dive time: 20 mins

Maximum NITROX time: 30 mins

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