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Be part of the experience - enjoy Mozambique!


Have you ever participated in an ocean scientific exploration? 



          By participating in an Ocean Bio-Safari, we provide you and your family with the unique opportunity to learn about, observe and interact with the ocean’s most mysterious inhabitants in their natural environment. Before the start of the Bio-Safari there will be an informative talk about Tofo’s marine biodiversity, given by a Marine Biologist, who will then accompany you throughout the event. Tofo is one of the very few spots in the world where you can swim with Whale Sharks and Dolphins, and whale watching, all in a single boat trip! Besides the incredible experience of getting face-to-face with these magical creatures, you will have a chance to collect data, such as identification photos of Whale Sharks, and to experience what it’s like to be involved in a scientific expedition. Your sightings and data collection will be handed to researchers here in Tofo who are studying these animals and working towards saving them from extinction. You will experience the stunning stretch of coastline around Tofo and learn why this is such a unique place.

The programme includes the following:

  • An informative talk (around 30 minutes) about the Tofo’s resident Marine Megafauna, including Whale Sharks, Manta Rays, Humpback Whales, Dolphins and Sea Turtles, and how to interact with them. Your will learn many interesting aspects about these animals, why they are so special and what all of us can do to protect them.


  • A fun and relaxed boat trip along the stunning beaches around Tofo, where you will practically experience how to collect useful data and to participate in scientific exploration! 


  • The amazing experience of watching and swimming next to some of the most beautiful marine animals, while learning about their special features and behaviours.


  • A final gathering where you will be able to share and discuss your sightings and data with your group and the biologist.


Get yourself and your family involved in this fantastic adventure where you can learn and contribute to saving these animals so that the next generation can also be stunned by their presence. This is an awesome way to teach your kids about the ocean and its incredible marine life. Come and help us save the Marine Megafauna of Tofo, Mozambique!


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