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Max Depth: 18m
Max Journey Time from Tofo: 17 minutes


Site Description


Very similar in topography to that of Crocodile Rock, Chamber of Secrets is however deeper and with higher walls. The horseshoe on this reef has deeper overhangs. 

Both hard and soft corals cover the reef top thus making it beautiful as well as very colourful. The sandy bottom has a depth of 14-18 meters while the top of the reef averages from 12-14 meters. 

Along the sandy bottom you can expect to find Crocodile Fish, Spotted Guitar Sharks and Torpedo Rays. Large Lobsters inhabit the smaller caves with a variety of Moray Eels that you will find “hanging out” together. This being the only shallow dive site where you can stumble across the Sea Apple, generally found in the same area. 


Minimum number of divers for this trip: 2


Minimum experience level: Open Water Scuba Diver Certification.


Maximum Air dive time: 45 mins



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