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Be part of the experience - enjoy Mozambique!

Adress Diversity Scuba:

PO Box 194, Inhambane Post Office


Phone Number:

+351 933739011 - WhatsApp

+258 848881245 - Phone number


web site:



Manager Email:





For a quick response request to your email, Before contacting us please include the following items:


  • You are a diver (yes or no)

  • If you are melting regularly or have not been melting for more than 2 years

  • What kind of diving certification do you have

  • How many dives do you intend to perform

  • Do you want to rent equipment with us

  • Other activities you intend to carry out

  • How many people intend to go to Tofo

  • How many divers and non-divers intend to travel to Tofo

  • Need accommodation

  • How many nights needed

  • Need Ground Transfer

  • For our promotional packages Stay & Dive special promotions, automatically select the promotion and accommodation you want to stay

to stay

Contact Us

Thank you for your contact!

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