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Max Depth: 17m
Max Journey Time from Tofo: 15 minutes


Site Description


Crocodile Rock is named for its many large Crocodile Fish that lie on the bottom on flat rocks and sandy areas. The top of the reef is at around 14m with large craters going down to around 16m. The craters provide excellent shelter to all manner of marine life – schools of Snappers and Bigeyes hang almost motionless, along with various types of Angel Fish, Butterfly Fish, large bright yellow Trumpet Fish, Clown Trigger Fish, large common Lionfish and so on. There are many types of Box and Puffer Fish. Overhangs and crevices provide shelter for Lobster, Banded Coral Shrimp and the beautiful Harlequin Shrimp. Green Turtles rest on rocky ledges. Blue Spotted Kuhl's Stingrays and Scorpion Fish lie still on the bottom next to beautiful Egg and Tiger Cowries. Marbled Torpedo Rays lay partly concealed under the sand. Large Bluefin Trevally hunt together in small groups, chasing down the darting Fusiliers. We also have seen, on occasion, Grey Reef Sharks and large Bull Rays on this site.


Minimum number of divers for this trip: 2


Minimum experience level: Open Water


Maximum Air dive time: 60 mins

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