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Be part of the experience - enjoy Mozambique!

Comfort is very important when you're scuba diving. That's why Diversity Scuba provides top quality rental equipment that ensures you  have  a  comfortable  dive  every  time.  Our  Scubapro  T-Ones  are the latest B.C.D's (Buoyancy Control Devices) which are comfortable  and  easy  to adjust.  Our dependable  Scubapro Mark II / R190  regulators  are very strong and durable and provide easy breathing, even at depth. Of course, all our equipment is serviced and updated on  a  regular  basis  to  ensure  that  it  is always on top working conditions.

The waters of the Indian Ocean are warm and inviting for most of the year. However, for those that feel chilled on longer dives and for the cooler months (June to September), we provide additional 5mm neoprene hoods. We provide full-length 5mm Scubapro wetsuits that have convenient ankle and wrist zips. We offer a selection of closed heel fins and masks for all those different shaped feet and heads out there.

We have a range of Steel and Aluminium tanks with 12lt-15lt capacity which are well-maintained. A thorough annual visual inspection and hydrostatic test ensures that each tank is in perfect working conditions every time you dive.

We have a Nuvair Nitrox membrane compressor which can provide up to 40% enriched air. This is ideal for the deeper sites to have longer dive times. We can provide Nitrox courses and fills to anyone certified as an Open Water diver or higher.

We have three excellent dive boats. We have one 7.4 meter rib (semi-rigid inflatable dive boat), with a capacity for 14 divers, and two 8 meter ribs with a capacity for 16 divers. We can do as many as three launches in a day from each boat, offering recreational diving on over twenty different sites in the Tofo area, including the famous Manta Reef.

All have stainless steel tank racks that hold up to 16 sets of equipment plus storage for fins, weights, etc., in the centre. There is ample space to cater for cameras and other goods. Each are fitted with GPS for spot on drops onto dive sites, plus emergency oxygen, first aid equipment and full DOT seaworthy kit for your safety and peace of mind.

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