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Have you ever tried to overcome yourself?


Kicks, punches, elbows, knees ... Many people run away from Muay Thai because they consider this Thai martial art to be too aggressive, but the benefits for the body make the effort worthwhile: greater flexibility, more defined muscles and less fat all in one extremely energetic training.

To gain more strength, Muay Thai training includes exercises that use your own body weight, without the use of equipment, as well as localized muscle resistance exercises - abdominals and push-ups.

This activity demands a lot from the body, preparing it for increasingly strong stimuli, but it has numerous benefits.

Benefits of Muay Thai:

• Improves physical condition

• Speeds up metabolism

• Raises self-esteem

• Burns calories

• Improves strength and agility

• Exercises motor coordination

• Increases flexibility

• Protects the immune system

All students will have an individual plan, properly studied and accompanied by their teacher.

It is extremely important that the student bears in mind the following points:





Team spirit

All classes are extremely intense, so it is important that the student signs a term of responsibility, in which guarantees that does not have any health problems, such as recent medical interventions, heart problems, mental problems, allergies or other pathologies that do not allow the student to attend the classes.

Lesson plan:


Muscle warm-up

Physical preparation

Combat techniques

Self-defense techniques




Class location:

Hotel Tofo Mar - Deck or Areal

Praia do Tofo, Mozambique


Tuesdays and Thursdays 4pm



Monthly Plan: 2.000mts per month

Single: 300mts per class

Necessary material:

Bandages for hands and ankles

Loose clothing so that the body is not trapped.

Popular phrases:

The 10 commandments of Muay Thai: respect parents, respect the master and / or teacher, respect the most graduated, respect the weakest, respect the strongest, never attack, use the techniques of Muay Thai only for defense, always train, keep character and honor first and love the team, as this is your second family.

It is only a fighter who knows how to fight with himself.

It doesn't matter what level you're at, as long as you don't stop.

Work hard and in silence. Let your success make the noise.

If you don't fight for something, you will be defeated by anything!

Discipline is the mother of success.

Dreams determine what you want. Action determines what you achieve.

The fighter never gives up, he fights until the end.

If you want to be strong, learn to fight alone.

Winning yourself is the biggest win.


For more information or to book now, send us an email to with subject MUAY THAI or if you prefer contact us by mobile phone

(+258) 84 9682169.

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