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Experience Tofo local life!


Knowing the cultural roots and local traditions of a place is part of the experience of traveling to a country like Mozambique, where Nature takes on the leading role.

The community of Tofo (NhaTofo) is the perfect setting to get to know these traditions: lives only from what land and sea gives them, from feeding to building their own homes.

Experiencing how people live, what they do, what they eat and what stories they have to tell is undoubtedly an unforgettable and very enriching adventure.

Get carried away by Kristof's knowledgeable words, learn about the economy that exists around coconut trees or how to cook traditional food, enjoy the landscapes and beaches with crystal clear water, feel Mother Earth under your feet and be dazzled!

After all, traveling is also learning!


For more information or to book now, send us an email to with subject NHATOFO or if you prefer contact us by mobile phone (+258) 84 9682169.

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