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Max Depth: 26m
Max Journey Time from Tofo: 35 minutes


Site Description


The Oasis is another stunning reef at around 24m with numerous overhangs, shallow caverns and excellent hard and soft corals. There are two main cleaning stations here that attract the large Mantas, and it is often possible to see Zebra Sharks resting on the sandy bottom. Also in residence are White Tip, Black Tip and Silver Tip Reef Sharks. Other large rays such as Devil Rays, Blotched Fantail Rays and Jenkins Whiprays are common. Large Giant and Honeycomb Morays curl up in crevices. Potato Groupers are curious enough to get very close to divers. On closer inspection, the corals offer hiding places for Spiny Lobster, Egg Cowries, Spanish Dancers and large Scorpion Fish. Shoals of Bigeyes, Yellow Snapper, Goldies and sometimes Barracuda drift over the reef.


Minimum number of divers for this trip: 4


Minimum experience level: Advanced or with Deep Dive Certification.


Maximum Air dive time: 29 mins


Maximum NITROX time: 50+ mins

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