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Be part of the experience - enjoy Mozambique!

Ocean Safaris  take you to the biggest fish in the sea – the Whaleshark!  


The aim of our 2 hour snorkelling adventures is to take people up close and personal with the magnificent Whale Sharks that inhabit our waters. For many it is a lifelong dream to swim with a Whale Shark and Tofo is perhaps the most reliable place in the world to be able to offer this truly unforgettable experience!

The Ocean Safari begins at the dive centre where you will be fitted for masks, fins and rash shirts or wetsuits. Your guide will then brief you on the procedures for boat launching and how to snorkel effectively with the Whale Shark. We do emphasise at all time that the Whale Shark is not to be touched. After the briefing, we walk to the beach to launch the boat. Once we are on the water, we head south to where we are most likely to see the Whale Sharks. Our snorkeling boats are fitted with a high viewing seat to enable a spotter to see the dark shadow of the Whale Sharks more easily. Once a Whale Shark has been spotted, the boat will be positioned in front of the Whale Shark’s course. Snorkelers will then get into the water, making minimum splash, to await the arrival of this gentle giant. Although predominantly a solitary creature, we sometimes come across groups of up to 20 individuals feeding in one area!

We ask snorkelers to follow a code of conduct which will keep the Whale Shark feeding happily on the surface to allow maximum viewing time for everyone. 

Although the focus of the Ocean Safari is on the Whale Shark, you may also sight Manta Rays, Devil Rays, Dolphins and Humpback Whales (June-November).

This amazing experience is open to swimmers of all ages and departs daily with a minimum of four people.

We can never guarantee that you can view the iconic species on a first try. However we guarantee that if you do not see any of them we will give you a second free opportunity with some special conditions

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