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Max Depth: 35m
Max Journey Time from Tofo: 25 minutes


Site Description


This is one of the few dive sites that we spend most of the dive along the top surface of the reef. On top of the reef we have scattered smaller pockets as well as one amazing arch that leads into a big crater. 

Dropping off the wall of the reef will bring you down to a depth of about 30-34 meters while staying at the top will allow you a depth ranging from 24-27 meters. This is a very good reef when looking for Lobsters and a large variety of different Moray Eels, these being massive Honeycomb, Geometric, Whitemouth, Yellowmouth and even the rarer Golden Morays. With the Moray Eels and Lobsters you tend to encounter a lot of the smaller Cleaner Shrimps hiding amongst them. 

There are a couple of cleaning stations throughout the reef thus allowing close Manta and Guitar Shark sightings. Giant Frog Fish, some Leaf Fish and the rare Seagrass Ghost Pipefish can also be seen along the rocky bottom. Circling Barracuda and Bigeye Trevally schools are often found above the reef.


Minimum number of divers for this trip: 2


Minimum experience level: Advanced or with Deep Dive Certification.


Maximum Air dive time: 22 mins


Maximum NITROX time: 30+ mins

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