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JUNE 25 to JULY 1' 19 from 1978€ p/pax (min.2pax)



The annual migration of Sardine (Sardinops Sagax) from the Agulhas Bank of the Cape, past the Wild Coast and up to the southern portions of KwaZulu Natal to spawn and then return, takes place during South Africa’s winter months and is a natural phenomenon known as the “Sardine Run”. It is rated to be the marine equivalent of the famous Wildebeest migration that takes place on the Masai Mara and Serengeti plains of central Africa and is just as thrilling and spectacular to witness.

The time forgotten coastal town of Port St John’s, situated on the magical Pondoland Wild Coast has become one of the most popular destinations from which to experience the sardine run in all its glory.

Experiencing the sardine run from the Pondoland coast offers not only a naturally beautiful stretch of rugged coastline, but it is also steeped in cultural traditions allowing the Amapondo people to live by and protect their cultural values….A little piece of true Africa.

Choosing a company to trust your holiday with is a big decision, and while there are certain uncontrollable factors at play, we've done all we can to ensure that your trip is one that you will recall with a smile for years to come. All of our trips are personally guided by Professional and knowledge Guides.

Our Mission/ Itinerary
Our Mission

Diversity Scuba unites both land and sea to show you the wonders of this African region.

You can take part in an unforgettable holiday accompanied by extremely professional and knowledgeable guides of the area. From the moment you arrive to the moment you return home, you will always be supported and accompanied by us,  and assisted in seeing the main attractions; where to eat and drink as well as extra package activities. All transfers are arranged by us and are included.

We organize the whole circuit between Port St. John's and Tofo Beach in Mozambique, where you'll have the chance of doing some fantastic world class diving.

You can choose in which direction you would like to do the circuit:  starting first at Port St. John's and finishing at Tofo Beach, or you can do it in the reverse order. We will be here to advise and provide support throughout your entire journey. 

DiversityScuba and Offshore Africa got together to offer you the best sea experience in Africa. The Sardine Run is one of the most popular and espectacular events of the year, where you can enjoy a boat based adventure, whether you are a diver or a non diver. All nature lovers, bird watchers, photography enthusiasts, dolphin and whale enthusiasts, snorkelers and scuba divers will thoroughly enjoy this incredible event of nature, which is known as “The Greatest shoal on earth”.

Offshore Africa is the only operator that is able to offer a “home base knowledge” package for the Sardine Run Ocean safari as they are based in Port St John’s all year round and are ideally located to offer you a superb, fun filled trip, coupled with highly experienced sardine run specialist teams of skippers and dive guides.

The sardine run is one of the hardest products in the dive industry to market and to work with. The main reason being is that every outing is dependent on what nature offers us on that particular day. BUT…it is not just about sardines and baitballs…  It has been and is still rated to be the marine equivalent of the famous Wildebeest migration that takes place on the Masai Mara and Serengeti plains of central Africa and is just as thrilling and spectacular to witness whether above surface or underwater. Just the amount of oceanic predators and birdlife make this an enthralling experience and offers phenomenal photographic opportunities both above and below the water.


  • Daily outings last for approximately 6 – 8 hours depending on sea conditions and the amount of activity about. With the action being fast and furious in conjunction with variable sea conditions, long boat rides and the whole day out at sea, outings can prove strenuous, therefore it is recommended that clients be relatively fit.

  • Departure time is usually between 07h30 and 08h00 and return time depends on the action on the day.  Offshore Africa's boats are usually the last in each day, giving the clients a full day out at sea, capitalizing on whatever Nature has to offer.

  • Each morning at around 07h30, the boats head out from the Umzimvubu River, Port St John’s and after a typical and highly exciting African surf launch, crew starts looking for all types of action, from whales, dolphins and ocean bird action to the little silver sardine type action. The skippers are in touch with a “eye in the sky” gyrocopter pilot for an update on sightings. Sardine activity is usually sighted from large flocks of cape gannet sightings or by the more trusted large pods of common dolphin activity.  The communication with the pilot and other networks is vast, as well as a communication with Natal Sharks Board members that conduct regular flights further afield. The local knowledge of “hiding” places also comes into play here and all avenues are explored to find action for you.

  • Once action is located, the experienced crew will determine whether this action is fast moving, necessitating snorkel viewing, or more static, whereby we can go straight onto scuba equipment for those wishing to use scuba gear.  First hand action can be experienced by snorkelers, divers and boat based passengers, which ensures an exciting day out for everyone where no one is left out of all the excitement that nature brings with it.



Something that few people realize or read about regarding the Sardine run is the fact that aside from sardine (Sardinops Sagax), there are at least another 5 or 6 species of baitfish doing their own mini or not so mini migrations at the same time. (Anchovies, sugar mackerel, redeye herring, East coast herring, Sauri & a few more). Each of these species attracts predators in all shapes and sizes and is preyed upon at every given opportunity.

Some of the above species have a tendency to “ball” as a defensive strategy, as sardine does, while others just scatter and create chaos.

A few things are guaranteed on every outing:

– huge pods of dolphin sometimes numbering in their thousands;

– numerous species of sharks (if visibility allows) are seen individually or in large packs on most “jump-ins”;

– a huge variety of oceanic birdlife including the well-known Cape Gannet, which arrives in their thousands, 5 species of Albatross, Petrels, Cormorants, Terns;

– and of course, through it all, we have the annual Humpback whale migration offering loads of breaching and surface displays due to the topography of our coastline.

The attraction of it all is the fact that one just never knows what one will come across or experience on any given day.


  • We use 7.2m & 8m Feral RIB’s powered by 2 x 85hp Yamaha outboards.

  • Each vessel is licensed to carry 12 passengers including skipper and guide; however, for the sardine run ocean experience trips only, we limit our carrying capacity to a maximum of 8 people to maximize space and comfort.

  • Our boats are certified by SAMSA and carry all required safety equipment including oxygen, trauma kits and communication devices.


  • Sun protection i.e. hat, sunglasses& sun block

  • Waterproof jacket

  • Waterproof bag for anything you wish to bring onto the boat (space is limited so please choose something relatively small. If you are in a group, sharing a larger bag would be advisable)

  • Camera, video equipment, binoculars (in a waterproof bag)


Important to note:

  • Due to our typical African surf launch & beaching of boat techniques, along with the possibility of uncomfortable and choppy sea conditions at times, we do not advise that those with limited mobility or frailty take part in boat activities of this nature.

  • The sardine run ocean experience is safe to enjoy, as a passenger, by most, however there is certain effort required by everyone on board.

  • As a snorkeller or diver, action can be incredibly fast paced and at times, chaotic as predator chases prey, meaning that a certain level of fitness is required to thoroughly enjoy each and every encounter and in water activity must be undertaken by those reasonably comfortable in the water.



  • The best weather and sea conditions on the Wild coast happen to be during the winter periods   A little rain and overcast conditions can be expected on some days, though normally good weather prevails.

  • Sea conditions can range from glassy smooth to white capped seas…exciting and sometimes strenuous.

  • Our team ensures your safety first at all times and all decisions are based on this.

  • AIR temperature ranges between 14 – 25 ºC (58 – 76 ºF) and it is often colder at night.

  • WATER temperature ranges between 15 – 22º*C (59 – 71 ºF)

  • VISIBILITY ranges between 2 – 30m and as a safety precaution, in water activities are only conducted with conditions offering us visibility of 5m plus.



  • Divers will be asked to produce their certification cards as well as logbooks on arrival at Port St Johns and prior to any ocean activities taking place.

  • Check Out Dives will be done on the first day and prior to any sightings taking place.  This is for your own safety and comfort, to enable you to tweak equipment, familiarize yourself with local conditions ahead of all the action, and where there is little or no time to tweak gear.

  • Divers are encouraged to bring their own Wetsuit, mask and snorkel, fins, BCD and regulators, however we do have a range of equipment for rental @ R 65.00 per item, per day OR R 325.00 for a full day equipment rental.  Equipment rental MUST BE pre-booked.

  • Cylinders + weight belts to be supplied on arrival.  We make use of 10 & 12ltr steel cylinders.  We have an easy conversion from DIN to A-clamp with our cylinders.


Our rental gear consists of:
  • Fins – Mares Avante Tre – closed heel fins, maximum fin size is 11-12 (46-47) and the smallest being 3½ – 4½ (36-37)

  • Masks – black silicone

  • Wetsuits – our wetsuits are 5mm thickness full suits with a rear zip

  • BCD & Regulator – Aqualung Wave / Calypso DIN


  • With water temperatures ranging between 14 – 22 degrees C, wetsuit thickness of 5 – 7 mm with hood, booties and gloves are recommended for this time of year.

  • Trip staff will be on hand to carry equipment, fill cylinders etc.

  • It is advisable to bring your own SMB (surface marker buoy) to keep inside your BCD pocket, if you are bringing your own equipment.

  • Rinsing facilities will be available on site. 


Recommended Itinerary:

Transport options to Port St. Johns


  • Johannesburg Airport to Umtata airport

  • Umtata airport, as a domestic connection via SA Air link (UTT code) is approximately a 1.5 hour drive from Port St John’s and is highly recommended due to the proximity and short travel time to Port St John’s.  There is one flight in and one flight out per day and the air craft is a smaller one. Flights are operated by S.A.Airlink. (refer to optional add on’s below).  There are also car rental facilities at the airport.

  • Umtata airport to Johannesburg Airport





Situated on the mighty Umzimvubu River, Port St. John’s River Lodge provides luxury accommodation, personal attention and excellent cuisine. Explore the pristine beaches, estuaries, forests and grassland, untouched by the modern world teeming with fascinating wildlife.

With tastefully decorated en-suite hotel rooms and comfortably furnished chalets, guests are assured of comfort in a relaxed and peaceful environment. Offering a comprehensive A la Carte Restaurant, fully licensed bar, sparkling pool and exceptional scenic views.

Let us spoil you with our hospitality and friendly service for an experience that is truly memorable.


For more information, tour prices, please contact us :

Adress Diversity Activity Centre:

PO Box 194, Inhambane Post Office


Phone Number:

+258 84 9682169


web site:






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