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Max Depth: 40m
Max Journey Time from Tofo: 15 minutes


Site Description


Sherwood Forest gathers its name from the vast amount of Green Tree Corals covering the top of the reef. This is one of our deeper reefs and is advised for only experienced divers as when the current is running it becomes a little tough to navigate around the reef. 

Just off the main section of reef is another large pinnacle covered in Green Tree Corals and is the more deeper area of the reef reaching a depth as deep as 35-37 meters. The top side of the reef has a depth varying from 22-26 meters and this is where you will encounter the cleaning stations. 

Manta Rays can be found either being cleaned on top of the reef or just cruising by. Devil Rays and Whiptail Rays enjoy relaxing on the sandy bottom or hiding under the large over hanging sections of the reef. Massive Potato Groupers enjoy this reef and can be quite curious when encountering divers. Sea Apples are commonly seen as well as the occasional Samoan Pipefish.


Minimum number of divers for this trip: 2


Minimum experience level: Advanced or with Deep Dive Certification.


Maximum Air dive time: 20 mins


Maximum NITROX time: 30+ mins

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