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Why Yoga for divers, surfers and alike?


Feeling fit, strong and healthy makes diving less strenuous, and safer and more enjoyable.


Enhance your scuba diving experience with Yoga:

- Learn how to tune into the sound of your breath.

- Learn how to keep your mind focused in the present.

- Learn how to ease stress and anxiety.

- Learn how to prevent injuries by increasing your body’s flexibility and strength.


Yoga is a practice that uses gentle physical postures, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and

meditation to promote a healthy body, encourage a calm mind and it creates more awareness and a

peaceful state of being.


Yoga classes at Hotel Tofo Mar: A collaboration of Diversity Activity Centre, Hotel Tofo Mar and

certified and experienced Yoga teacher Marianne known from ‘Yin Yoga with Marianne’ on YouTube.


For more information or to book now, send us an email to with subject YOGA or if you prefer contact us by mobile phone (+258) 84 9682169.

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