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JANUARY 1 to DECEMBER 31 '19 from 1280€ p/pax (min.2pax)



We strongly encourage all of our clients to make the most of their African holiday by adding on one of our guided safari tours to their diving adventure. Explore Gorongosa National Park and experience the rugged beauty of its wilderness from the comfort and security of our safari vehicles. 

Join us on this expedition to the Maputo Special Reserve (Elephant Reserve). We will go from Maputo through Catembe and drive for almost 50 mins after taking Catembe’s Ferry on our unique Safari truck.

Once we cross Futi River, we will reach the entrance to Elephant Reserve taking a short break to stretch our legs (they sell coffee at the entrance if you wish). Then, the game drive starts; we will drive slowly while appreciating and taking photos of Beautiful Nature and animals: herds of elephants around, giraffes, antelopes, zebras… We shall see all of them on our way to the lunch site, plenty of birds and hippos and cradle for unpredictable nature.

We are having lunch near a lake in a calm and soundless site. You will have time for relax and enjoy a delicious meal prepared on site just for you. On our way back we shall see more animals like wildebeests, impalas, redbucks… You will get surprised with all the secrets that this reserve hide!

Choosing a company to trust your holiday with is a big decision, and while there are certain uncontrollable factors at play, we've done all we can to ensure that your trip is one that you will recall with a smile for years to come. All of our trips are personally guided by Professional and knowledge Guides

Our Mission/ Itinerary
Our Mission

Diversity Scuba unites both land and sea to show you the best of Mozambique.

You can take part in an unforgettable holiday accompanied by extremely professional and knowledgeable guides of the area. From the moment you arrive to the moment you return home, you will always be supported and accompanied by us,  and assisted in seeing the main attractions; where to eat and drink, as well as extra package activities. All car transfers are arranged by us and are included.

We organize the whole circuit between Maputo - Elephant Reserve and Tofo Beach, where you'll have the chance of doing some fantastic world class diving.

You can choose in which direction you would like to do the circuit:  starting first at Tofo Beach, finishing at Maputo, or you can do it in the reverse order. We will be here to advise and provide support throughout your entire journey. 

       Recommended Itinerary:

  • Coming from Johannesburg by car:

    • Johannesburg (JNB) - Car transfer to Maputo (6hour ride)

    • Maputo - Car transfer to Tofo Beach (7hour ride)

    • Tofo Beach - Car transfer to Johannesburg (12hour ride)

  • Coming from Maputo by car:

    • Maputo (MPM) - Car transfer to Tofo Beach (7hour ride)

    • Tofo Beach - Car transfer to Maputo (7hour ride)



We await you with our arms wide open and guarantee that you will enjoy Mozambique!




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Tofo Mar Hotel 

Praia do Tofo, Moçambique

( Silver and Deluxe Accommodation )


The Montebelo Girassol Maputo Hotel, with its emblematic circular building and spectacular panoramic view over Maputo Bay, has already become a former city landmark, being recognized as a reference in Mozambican hotels. In 2016, it was completely refurbished, giving it more rooms, a restaurant with a panoramic balcony, a swimming pool and a gym. With these developments, this unit further enhances the excellence of its service, combining comfort, landscaping, multipurpose facilities for leisure and business and a high quality catering.

The Montebelo Indy Maputo Congress Hotel enjoys a privileged location, situated in a prime area of the city - the Sommerschield district - close to the city center and 10 minutes from Maputo International Airport.


With a wide range of services, Montebelo Indy is the ideal hotel to spend a few days of leisure in Maputo or for a business trip.

Built in 1969 this is the oldest and only hotel in Tofo! It has been extensively re-furbished and re-opened in late 2013. This is a friendly, bright and airy, small boutique hotel, offering 13 rooms, and a conference centre that can accommodate 70 people. 


Located right on the beachfront, with the restaurant on the large deck overlooking the Indian Ocean. There is a fully licensed bar and restaurant and also a fantastic sushi bar.


All the rooms are en-suite with air conditioning. The deluxe double and suites are bigger than the standard rooms. They have DSTV, a bath as well as a shower and private verandas with ocean view.


The hotel is quite lively on Friday evenings, attracting non-guests as they host the best live music in town. 


For more information, tour prices, please contact us :

Adress Diversity Activity Centre:

PO Box 194, Inhambane Post Office


Phone Number:

+258 84 9682169


web site:






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